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*Melissa de Teffé**International Corporate Project Developer*, *Cross-cultural expert, creative, great organizer, quick in learning and analysis, flexible, and calm under pressure. Proactive in implementing changes to improve efficiencies. Fluent in five languages. **Client engagements have been located in Milan, Buenos Aires; Washington, DC;Boston; Los Angeles; Tehran.*

Alla luce delle esperienze maturate in Italia, Argentina, Stati Uniti, Iran, Melissa ha una posizione priv

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Solitude vs Dialogue

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17/10/2015 0 comments
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Amid the Car-Apocalypse we heard a tireless Pope talk about dialogue. I truly enjoyed his speech in Congress to all of us really, not only for the presents. Have you thought how technology levels us all? yes, because at the end we were all present, at least those who could /would, to listen to this magic word: Dialogue.

I hope Fiorina, former HP Ceo, and Republican Presidential runner up, had a chance to study the Pope\’s talk, particularly after the CNN debate a couple of weeks ago, where she clearly stated that if elected US President she would not talk with the Chinese, nor the Russians, or the Iranians. I believe that beyond politics, no government official can afford any longer to play the 3 monkeys.

We have become, thanks to technology, a big condominium and no one on this board can say : \”No I am not going to talk with you, or skip the general assembly.\”

Technology has certainly provided us with closeness. We can be reached almost anywhere, anytime. Still we seem to have lost the art of communication. Like Fiorina, many prefer to hang up the phone.

Even the land of La dolce vita, is not exempt from this malaise! As a solution I can only invoke Giovan Battista Vico\’s (1668/1744),theory (it\’s a hope, more than a scientific study : ) ) that there will be a change, and humanity will find again the lost pleasures of talking, meet, share beyond the multiple screens we all use.

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