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The Golden Rule

Comunicazione, Economia e Finanza
14/10/2015 0 comments
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What links the Volkswagen scandal and the Hilary Clinton’s speech on the fat cats or 1% of the US wealthiest? Lack of responsibility, lack of morality. The first ones lied in their reports, while Hilary points the finger to Corporate America as if the politicians didn’t carry their share for the economic disaster in which we all are swimming in. Bluntly said, I would simply ask: who saved the banks? who didn’t legislate enough to better constrain capitalism from turning into the Lion King of today?

It’s not important to have studied philosophy or to be a religious person to understand that we certainly don’t want to be cheated by anyone, anytime in life. Years ago the Washington Post came out with a great add. It went like this: “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it.” The list of the don’ts is getting longer by the day.

Beyond cars and politics, we will soon probably add the phone companies. The other day I found out in my bill an added cost of 4.01 euros for a service I never asked for. The service provided was an added 2 GB to my internet usage on my cell phone. The service was supposedly offered in one of the dozens emails, we all get, offering new products. If you didn’t want it you would have had to call up the company and ask to remove it. How many did get it? No one. The small amount once multiplied by some millions of users brings millions of “stolen” revenues wrongfully billed. These immoral actions, where few of us take the time to contest and be, interestingly enough, “immediately” refunded, are still out there stronger than before. The precious Golden Rule: “Don’t do to others, what you don’t want done unto you” is not the version applied world wide, but the Benny Hill’s version: “Do unto others and than run like hell.”

Pity they really “don’t get it” ….. until the next scandal…. will hit the news.

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